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All photographs by David Lilly

Latest Bird Photographs

Bird photographers know late evening light is excellent for bird photography. With great backgrounds and a sparkle in the eye you have hit the jackpot.

The American Robins were very cooperative in Dinasaur Provincial Park. There were lots of Robins.

The Yellow sided Flycatcher posed for me.

When you are presented with evening light it is best to expose for the highlights and work the shodows in post processing.

All of the photographs on this page were photographed with the Nikon D 500 and the Nikon 200 500mm lens.

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Watch for evening Light

I have been photographing Swainson's Hawks for a long time, but have never seen one catch and kill a Blue-winged teal.

I observed this action on a Bird Photography Workshop I was instructing. We were sitting in the vehicle when we obseved a Mature Hawk sweep in and grab a duck on a dry peice of land. The hawk dropped the duck (still alive) and flew away. Shortly the hawk returned and finished off the duck and proceeded to pick and eat the duck in front of myself and my client.

As the mature hawk riped apart the duck, two jevenile hawks - I assumed was the offspring of the hawk eating the duck sat a little distance away on the ground waiting to get in on the action. The scene was like a scene you might see in Africa when the vultures gather at a kill.

Finally, after the hawk was stuffed he flew off in the distance and did give some of the duck remains to the jevinile hawks.