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Ruddy Duck Male & Female, Redhead, Gadwall Female & Male, Lesser Scaup

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Last updated: 25 May 2015

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 Recommended Equipment for Bird Photography 

This is the reccommended equipment by the Canadian Bird Photographer for bird photography. Some of the equipment is expensive, buy what you can afford. Any combination of the equipment listed will get you into bird photography. Remember, no matter what equipment you use, it is important to learn how to use it. Note; it does not matter if the equipment is Nikon or Canon etc.  < To see recommadations Click Here >

I have been photographing birds for many years and always struggled with photographing in my vehicle through the passenger window. The problem was lifting and holding my Nikon 500mm F4 VR lens steady. I solved the problem with the construction of a simple peice of home made equipment. See the article for more information < Cick Here >

 Article - Bird Photography Gagets      by David Lilly

 Spring Birds arrival dates Canada      by David Lilly

Bird Photography and Birding go together. If you are a Bird Photographer I would assume you care about your subject (Birds). here is a link to the Audubon spring bird arival dates. Keep in mind it probably will be a few days later before you see these birds in Canada. The weather will play an important part in the arrival dates. Keep an eye on local birding sites for the latest news. Remember the birds welfare come before photography, especially if you are using a flash or recorded bird sounds.

Black-billed Magpie by David Lilly

Many bird photographers assume if they buy the latest and best camera they will be a better bird photographer. We know that is not the case. Yes, you will have more megapixels, the latest processors and and a little better ISO settings for low light. 

During the last ten years camera technology has changed fast. Every new camera had some improvements worthy of upgrading. However, the technology has now gotten to the point where their is no need to upgrade if you have the latest camera. As a matter of fact today (2015) a bird photographer could purchase a camera for less than $800.00 and have more then enough resolution for any photography. Let me explain. <Read More>

 Article - What Camera Should I Buy? by David Lilly

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Savanah Sparrow by David Lilly

Red winged Blackbird (Female) by David Lilly