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All photographs by David Lilly

Winter Killdeer

Every winter here in Calgary there are birds whom are supose to be in warmer climates.

The Killdeer is one of those birds. I often wonder why the killdeer stick around for the winter. There are at least six in the Bow river here in Cagary this winter.

Some birders say they may be injured or to sick to fly south. I am skeptical about this theory because six sick birds would indicate a problem. Also, as I observed two birds they seemed to be eating and could fly normally.

Maybe they are more tuned in to climate change. It has been warm this winter here in Calgary compared to previous winters.

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Nikon D 500 with a 200 - 500mm lens.

Winter River Birds

This winter has been great for Bird photographer in Calgary. The weather is mild, lots of great light and not much snow.

Wandering around in the city parks I was able to find a lot of birds. As a matter of fact on the Christmas Bird Count 85 different birds were counted. A little above average.

We have a Harlequin Duck that has made the Bow River his home for the winter. Of course we have a variety of regular winter birds.

Nikon D 500 withe a Nikon 200 - 500mm lens

A Beautiful Merlin

I was checking some sites today for Short-eared Owls.

As I drove around I came across this Merlin on a fence post. I expected the bird to fly in a short time, but it stayed on the pole for some time. I took as many photos as needed and waited for bird to fly. I finally flew but as I expected directly away from me and no-chance of a flight photo.

At least the light was perfect - directly behind me. Although, it was sunny with the low angle of the sun in winter it was an excellent lighted pose.

I under exposed as not to burn out the highlights.

Nikon 500 with a 200 - 500mm lens.