Photographing birds in their natural habitat.

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Most Recent Photographs -Some Prairie Birds 

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Warblers have always fascinated me. They are beautiful, they are colourful, they are resilient, and they are very difficult to photograph. It takes years to get really good images. From the 11th of May to the 19th of May 2016 myself and fellow photographer Daryl Hansen decided to go to the best location in Canada, Point Pelee National park in Ontario to photograph these amazing little creatures and any other birds that presented themselves.  See more at: Canadian Nature Photographer

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Red-headed Woodpecker by David Lilly

Mute Swan by David Lilly

Eastern Towhee by David Lilly

This Red-winged Blackbird was backlit by the setting sun. The rim of light around the bird makes for an interesting photograph.

The above photograph shows the Eastern Towhee, photographed at point Pelee, Ontario. Below is the Spotted Towhee photographed in Dinosaurs Provincial Park, Alberta. The range for both towhees just touches the most southern part of Canada. If you live in Manitoba, Canada. You may see both. The main difference between the two is the Spotted Towhee has a lot more white spots on its back and less reddish brown on the belly as you can see in the photographs. In the Sibley Guide says both Towhees are identical in size. Most likely the bird you see will determined just by where you see it in Canada.

Spotted Towhee  Western Canada by David Lilly

The Two Towhees. by David Lilly

Great horned Owl by David Lilly