Photographing birds in their natural habitat.

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Warblers have always fascinated me. They are beautiful, they are colourful, they are resilient, and they are very difficult to photograph. It takes years to get really good images. From the 11th of May to the 19th of May 2016 myself and fellow photographer Daryl Hansen decided to go to the best location in Canada, Point Pelee National park in Ontario to photograph these amazing little creatures and any other birds that presented themselves.  See more at: Canadian Nature Photographer

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White-faced Ibis by David Lilly

Willet by David Lilly

I have written about the background in bird photos on several occasions. Below are two photos of same Great Grey owl sitting on a fence post. In photo 1 I have an Aspen tree in the background. In photo 2 I moved to my left approximately three to four meters and got a much better unobstructed background. Don't be afraid to move around for better backgrounds.

Red-napped Sapsucker by David Lilly

When editing your bird photographs, especially birds with reflections, make sure you also edit the reflection. The top photo of the Wilson's Phalarope I edited the bird but not the reflection, In the bottom photo I edited the reflection to match the edit done on the bird. In the top photo the reflection is way to dark and on the bottom photo the reflection is where it should be. To lighten up the reflection I used the adjustment brush in Lightroom and brushed over the shadow area to lighten the reflection until I thought the reflection looked good.

Latest bird photography Tip by David Lilly

Blue-Winged Teal by David Lilly

The Two Great grey Owl Tip # 7 by David Lilly