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All photographs by David Lilly

Juvenile Tundra Swan

Every once in a while a Juvenile Tundra Swan is seen in the Bow River here in Calgary. 

I have seen another swan in almost the same spot a couple of years ago. The swan does not seem to be hurt, looks like he is feeding. 

He may have got lost or stayed around to take in the fall sunshine.

Nikon D 500 with a Nikon 200 - 500mm lens.

Cute Red-Breasted Nuthatch

The Red-Breasted Nuthatch is a tough little bird. They survive the Canadian winters no matter how cold it is. 

They are also fun to photograph. They defend their territory from the Chickadees and the White - breasted Nuthatch. They are hard to photograph as they very quick and sit for a fraction of a second.

Photographed with a Nikon D 500 and a Nikon 200 - 500mm lens.

Bathing Black-billed Magpie

We often wonder if birds take baths.

I have observed birds bathing on many occasions. Some birds such as the Magpie take baths even in the fridgid Canadian winter. 

Birds bath for the same reasons as humans- to keep clean. Some birds bath to get rid of parasites and other bugs.

The Magpie in the photos here look cold after it's bath.

Nikon D500 with a 200 500mm lens

Canada Gesse Our Bird

Canada Geese may not be the most interesting birds to photograph, but they are our bird.

Now is a good time to photograph the Geese as they have come together in large numbers. Also, the light is excellent all day. 

My recommendation for exposure is to use - 1 on the EV so as not to overexpose the white area on the goose.

Nikon D 500 with a Nikon 200 - 500mm lens.