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All photographs by David Lilly

Elements of a good Bird Photograph

When the elements of a good bird photograph come together the results are outstanding.

So what are the elements of a god bird photograph?

The photograph must be sharp. Sharpness is the first element a good bird photographer looks for in a bird photograph.

The photograph must be well exposed. post processing has made this element much easier.

The background must be simple and non-invasive.

The bird must have a catchlight in the eye.

In the case of a flying bird the wings in a up position always makes for a better photograph.

In order to make all of these elements come together the photographer must be competent in the use of the camera and lens.

The Ruddy Duck and the Northern Pintail to the right are good examples of good bird photographs.

Latest Bird Photographs

I have been testing the Nikon 200 - 500mm Lens on a D 7200. Below are some photos from my latest test on a D 500 Body. Keep in mind these photos are were taken handheld at 2000 sec f 5.6 and the ISO was set to auto max 2000.