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All photographs by David Lilly

Backyard Robins

Once a year the Saskatoon Berries start to ripen in my back yard. It is not a coincidence the young Robins are at a point where they can hardly fly and need a lot of food. In this case my Saskatoon Berries.

It is fun watching the mother trying to coach the young to follow her to get the berries. At first the mother gets the berries and brings them to the young. After a couple of days the young get the strength and nerve to try it for themselves with some success.

The young Robins are the ones with the spotted breast and look confused.

As I watched and photographed there were some battles between mature Robins for the berries. It seem as all the Robins in the neighbourhood had found the berries.

I sat for a part of two days for the photographs to the right.

In the morning was the best light with the afternoon light being the worst. However, it was not just the light that presented some difficulty. It was also the tree itself. Saskatoon Berry bushes have skinny branches. When the Robins land to get the berry they lose their balance and don’t stay still.

As they did last year they will not stop until all of the berries are completely gone.

For this photography I used a Nikon D 500 and a Nikon 200 - 500mm F 5.6 lens.