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All photographs by David Lilly

Common Loons in the Morning

Just recently Allan Murphy an excellent Bird Photographer from the US released an Ebook referring to how he uses trickery to fix some of his bird photographs.

I will admit as do many Bird Photographers I do insert some trickery of my own. For the Common Loon photographs in this article the light was not as warm as in these photographs. I used Lightroom and made some adjustments to add a bit of warming to the photographs.

The look and feel is what I would have liked if the light cooperated , it didn't so I used some trickery and touched up the light.

This was easy in Lightroom. What I did was move the white Balance slider to the right  a little and under the HSL slider I boosted the saturation.

I want to make a point here. You must get it right in the camera first and shoot in RAW - No compromise on this point.