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All photographs by David Lilly

Getting Close to the Belted Kingfisher

My wife and I walk everyday. We walk around a local pond. In the pond there are mostly ducks and Cormorants. 

On our last walk my wife spotted a Belted Kingfisher sitting on a sort of rock cliff. We have seen the bird before a year ago. This was the first time we have seen it this summer. I never carry my camera on these walks. We completed the five km walk and went to see if the Kingfisher was still at the location where we first seen it. It was still sitting there in the same place.

I went back to the house and grabbed the Nikon D 500 and the Nikon 200 - 500mm lens went back to see if I could get a few photographs.

I decided to test the patience of the Kingfisher and crawl as close as possible getting a few photographs as I got closer. I know from past experience it is very difficult to get close. However, in this case I was able to crawl close enough to almost get a full frame photograph. It took me almost an hour to accomplish my final spot where I thought I was close enough.

The photographs bottom and right are the results of my efforts.