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All photographs by David Lilly

More Winter Bird Photos

Given the situation and the winter, my bird photography has been limited to my local area. 

I have made the most of my excellent backyard. I live by and border on a nature preserve with a forest of Maple, Birch, and some Spruce. You could say it is excellent for attracting birds.  Since I have lived here I have had 47 different species of birds. From a wildlife point of view, I have a Red Fox and Deer that come on occasion too.

This winter the bird species are different than last winter. I have Black-capped chickadees, 50 plus Common Redpolls mixed with Hoary Redpolls on a daily basis. Last winter I had a lot of purple Finches and American Goldfinches. An occasional Blue Jay makes its presence known some days. Almost every day I see a Sharp-shinned Hawk but I have not seen him catch a bird. The bird feeders are close to the forest so the birds have an escape route.

For the bird photographs to the right, I have been using a Nikon D 500 with a Nikon 500mm 5.6 pf lens mounted on a tripod. I have set up this combination in my basement and photograph them through an open window. It works very well on cold windy days.

I only have good light for about two hours a day in the winter, even then it is side lighting.