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All photographs by David Lilly

I have been testing the Nikon 200 - 500mm Lens on a D 7200 and a Nikon D 500.  Getting the right Shutter Speed and F-stop is the key. Most of the photo settings is F 5.6 at shutter speeds of above 1000 sec and ISO of over 1000.

The lens is a very good lens, but of course not as sharp as the Nikon 500mm F4. I did not expect it would be as sharp as the fixed lens. However, the photographs are more than acceptable. It has a lot of flexibilty for different compostions. It is light enough to walk or hike with. I can easily handhold the lens.

I also must mention there was no tripod or monopod used for these photos.

To the right are some of the photographs I have taken with this lens over several weeks.

Testing the Nikon 200 - 500 mm lens.

I continue to test the Nikon 200 - 500mm Lens on a D 500 body.

I have already done a considerable amount of testing, but more testing is always good in different situations.

I am starting to get the results I expect and they are good. For the price this lens is excellent.

The photos in this short article were photographed with is lens on a Nikon D 500 body.

Settings were 1/2000sec at F 7.1 VR on sport mode.

I have finished testing the Nikon 200 - 500mm lens. I give it a Very Good rating.

Final testing for the Nikon 200 - 500mm Lens