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All photographs by David Lilly

Winter Sea Birds

On the east coast especially here in the Bay of Fundy, NB there are a lot of ducks and Loons that wander down from the frozen Arctic and spend their winters here in a more mild ice-free climate.

The last couple of days I went to photograph some of these birds. Of course, it is always a crap shot to find these birds. They are often way out in the bay with no possibility for photographs. however, on this trip, I did get lucky.

Of course, with any bird, I tried to position myself with the sun over my shoulder. 

I have seen ducks and loons before I got close to a wharf in a location I have visited before. So, that would be my starting point. I was lucky. Before I got to the wharf I could see some birds. They were on the leeward side, there was no wind and I could get down low to the water.

As I got closer I could see there were Female Common Elders and two Common loons in winter plumage very close to the wharf. I slowly made my way down to the lower wharf and hide behind some railing, which also doubled as a support for my lens. The two photos to the right were my results. I had about one hour for the first day then the weather turned horrible with no more chances for photographs.

Nikon D 500 with a 200 - 500mm Nikon lens.